Kid with binoculars in Veracruz

National Audubon's International Alliances Program (IAP) protects birds and other wildlife of the Americas with a hemispheric approach to conserving and restoring natural ecosystems in Latin America and the Caribbean. The IAP team works in concert with other conservation groups and efforts to protect the environment by providing environmental education, bird-based science, community engagement, advocacy, high-level policy marketing, and development tools and expertise. 

Natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean are at high risk due to rapid economic growth, increased global demand for these resources, and changing climate conditions. For these reasons, it is essential to weave conservation efforts into the region's development plans, so as to avoid devastating impacts on biodiversity and to increase sustainable economic possibilities that can improve the standard of living for people in the region.

Migratory birds fly where they need to go, without worrying about political, economic, or social boundaries. Their annual journey takes them across vast lands and seascapes that contain a wide variety of tropical and temperate habitat types that the birds depend on for breeding, stopovers, and wintering. We have carefully identified key areas in North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean where we can reinforce on-the-ground conservation that completes the region's chain of viable habitats and Important Bird Areas (IBAs), the most critical habitats and landscapes for birds and other wildlife. IAP also works closely with local people, government entities, and economic sectors such as agriculture and energy to plan and carry out actions and solutions that benefit biodiversity, birds, and people. 


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