International Programs

IAP Map Photo

In order to improve the context for bird conservation, IAP addresses major threats at specific sites and at the flyway level. Birds and biological diversity in general face major threats from rampant deforestation; other habitat loss and degradation; predation and hunting; environmental toxins; and manmade barriers such as cities, hardened shorelines and rivers, and transmission lines, wind power, and other energy infrastructure. In addition, the increasingly apparent effects of climate change on habitats require us to look at the resilience of the sites where we work. To address these issues, Audubon carries out high-level strategic actions and develops powerful alliances to address specific threats by improving policies, encouraging best practices, and building strong constituencies.

Audubon's IAP team currently focuses on 30 IBAs within 7 priority conservation areas: the Bahamas, Belize, Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and the Southern Cone Grasslands.