Panama Audubon Society

Apartado 0843-03076
Panama City
Phone: (507) 232-5977

The Panama Audubon Society has been promoting birds in Panama for over 35 years. During the last ten years, PAS has worked more directly on conservation and education about birds and their habitats, using the Important Bird Area program as an umbrella. Their major areas of interest are the wetlands of the Upper Bay of Panama and the primary forests of El Chorogo, Chiriqui. PAS works locally with public schools and rural communities, and has a seat on the Patronato of the Metropolitan Nature Park and Amigos del Aguila Harpia. PAS also works internationally; it is the Panamanian partner of BirdLife International and a member of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN). In addition, PAS is a member to both IUCN and the Waterbird Conservation Council.